Welcome to Trophy Fishing Charters, a Southern California-based charter company that targets several species of game fish out of Marina del Rey and Long Beach. Our charters include tuna, dorado, yellowtail, white seabass, shark, halibut and rockfish, depending on the season — and depending on our clients’ goals.

This 1175-pound mako shark caught on Strike Zone is the largest fish caught on rod and reel off the California coast. Captain Quinlan now practices catch and release on makos shy of a world record.

You keep what you catch, with the exception of mako sharks, which is our most popular charter.We practice catch and release only for these apex predators, and we target only trophy-class makos. Once you’ve worn down your fish, our professionally trained crew will leader and photograph it before releasing it. Afterward, you will receive an official IGFA certificate of the catch and release, and we offer lifelike release mounts custom-made to “match the catch” perfectly.

Being based in Southern California, where the winters are mild and there are always a minimum of two species of gamefish to target, allows us to offer charters year round. Summer is our busiest time of year because it’s tuna season as well as prime time for trophy makos, but it’s also a relatively short window of opportunity.

Trophy Fishing Charters also features published fishing articles by Steve Quinlan, an outdoor writer/editor, Coast Guard-certified charter captain and former shark-tournament angler. Over the years, Quinlan’s articles and seminars have provided invaluable insight on how to locate, fight and handle trophy sharks as well as raise awareness for the preservation of these apex predators through catch and release.