Shark Fishing

700-pound mako lo-res3Whether you’re new to the sport of shark fishing or a veteran shark angler, if your goal is to catch the trophy shark of a lifetime, you’ve come to the right place.

You will be fishing in the most shark-infested waters in Southern California with one of the best-known and highly accomplished trophy-shark experts in the country. Captain Steve Quinlan was the winning captain featured in Shark Hunters: The Ultimate Tournament Series and Shark Hunters: East vs. West, which aired on OLN and Versus networks in 2005 and 2006, respectively. 

Captain Steve Quinlan and his first mate, Josh Hendricks, target trophy sharks while practicing catch and release. Skippering the Strike Zone, Captain “Quin” has put clients on 11 mako sharks over 800 pounds, and five over 1,000 — topped by an estimated 13-foot, 1,400-pound-plus monster caught on July 13 this year by Dominik Kulicki of Amsterdam.

Sharks caught on Strike Zone are measured, photographed and released to pass on their proven big-fish genes to ensure that future generations of shark anglers will be given the same opportunity to battle these monster sharks. Lifelike trophy release mounts and official IGFA catch certificates are available to preserve the memory of your catch.

Trophy Fishing Charters offers nearshore and offshore charters, and will advise you up front where your best chances of catching bigger fish are for the day/s of your charter so that you can plan accordingly. You will be fishing where the odds of catching a trophy shark are the highest, based on seasonal patterns, migratory routes, forage location and abundance, and water temperature and clarity — some of the many factors Captain Quin takes into consideration before choosing a fishing location on any given day.